Borderlands 2 update will bring colorblind mode: game programmer tells all

In a long write up in a Gear Box Software's Inside the Box, programmer Jeffrey "botman" Broome has detailed what went into creating a colorblind mode for Borderlands 2, which will arrive in an upcoming game update. Broome delves deep into the topic, covering the biological aspect of colorblindness and what goes into developing a game that meets the condition's needs.

Broome kicks off his write up with explaining that colorblindness is better described as "color vision deficiency", due to the issues with making out some colors rather than an outright blindness to them. This poses an issue to applicable gamers who find it difficult distinguishing between certain color-dependent game elements, like team colors.

With the Borderlands 2 update, which is promised forthcoming, the colorblind mode will be included in the Video Options menu. Three different versions will be available — Deuteranopia, Protanopia, and Tritanopia — allowing gamers to choose the one tailored towards their specific colorblindness.

The write up itself is quite long and detailed, and makes for a fascinating read, showing what efforts go into ensuring colorblind individuals are provided with a means to play the game the same as any other gamer. There are also some sneak-peak looks at elements of the game in colorblind mode compared to regular mode, giving gamers a glimpse ahead of the game update.

SOURCE: Gear Box Software