Emporia debuts Elegance and Solid handsets at MWC

Austrian mobile phone maker emporia has had mobile handsets on the market for a while now in Europe that are aimed at older users wanting simplicity in a mobile phone. The devices offer large buttons and high contrast screens for older people with less dexterity and vision than the average mobile user.Emporia has unveiled a pair of new handsets at MWC that are attractive and designed to be easy to use. The handsets include the Elegance and Solid. The Elegance is set to debut in Q2 2010 for € 129 (RRP). It will operate on GSM 900/1800 networks and features a 1.8-inch OLED color display. The handset offers an extra loud speaker, text capability, and is hearing aid compatible. It ships with a car charger and belt clip.

The Solid handset is a ruggedized mobile phone that will retail for € 199 (RRP) and is set to hit market in Q3 2010. The device has the same 1.8-inch OLED display as the Elegance. The Solid is designed to resist water and dirt and has Bluetooth support. Both the Elegance and Solid offer 250 hours of standby time and three hours of talk time per charge.