Emotion-sensing game controller enables customized gameplay

As virtual reality continues to grow and interactive gaming in general becomes a bigger focus, some Stanford engineers have developed the next item of attention: an emotion-sensing game controller, which could lead to customized game play based on how the gamer is responding.

The project uses Xbox 360 controllers with sensor modules created with a 3D printer. There are metal pieces on the controller that monitor the gamer's heart rate, respiration rate, blood flow rate, and more to help gauge how they're reacting to the game.

The data is then compared to data collected on what is going on in the game during game play, allowing the researchers to combine the two and make a more complete picture of the gamer's reaction to game elements.

The project's head, Corey McCall, said, "If a player wants maximum engagement and excitement, we can measure when they are getting bored and, for example, introduce more zombies into the level. We can also control the game for children. If parents are concerned that their children are getting too wrapped up in the game, we can tone it down or remind them that it's time for a healthy break."

SOURCE: Stanford