Emoji Keyboard skin puts characters right beneath your fingers

Everyone loves emojis these days, right? The wide range of characters has become our de-facto form of communicating on our smartphones. But what about when we sit down at our desks or laptops and use physical keyboards? On a Mac, entering your favorite emoji becomes a tedious process of navigating a character-entry tab and clicking on emoji one at a time with a mouse. That's where the crazy kids at Disk Cactus have stepped in with their emoji keyboard overlay skin, currently on Kickstarter.

To be clear, their campaign does not offer a physical keyboard, but a silicone keyboard cover available in two sizes: one that fits Apple's wireless desktop keyboards, 13" MacBook Airs, and 13/15" MacBook Pros, while a smaller option fits the 11" MacBook Air.

The keyboard cover also comes with corresponding software, which allows the caps-lock key to become a one-touch shortcut for emoji entry. While the cover features a single emoji character printed over each key, there are actually five sets of characters that can be entered by pairing keys with shift, control, and option. This makes a total of 150 emoji available for quick entry.

Disk Cactus have set a funding goal of $20,000, and with 25 days to go, they've already raised just over $4,500. A minimum pledge of $5 supports their project, while the current minimum to receive an emoji cover and software is $15. That's a small price to pay for the ability to type hearts, cat faces, and poop icons just as easily as on your phone.

SOURCE Disk Cactus/Kickstarter