Emoji keyboard is actually 14 keyboards

A lot of people I know are really into emoji when they are texting or posting to any social media. Some of us only use the smiley emoji, and then it's only so you know (or at least think) we are kidding when we say something that might be construed as mean. Other folks use emoji like crazy, you know these folks they are the ones that try and have entire conversations with nothing but emoji.

There are tons of different emoji out there and most of us only know about a few of them. A dude named Tom Scott has created a gigantic emoji keyboard array. There are 14 different keyboards that are festooned with over 1,000 different stickers.

Each of the sticker covered keys represents a specific emoji that is placed into your conversation when you press the button. Every single Unicode 8 emoji is available with its own keyboard key. Scott says that he may go back and add another keyboard next year to cover the candidates from Unicode 9 to become new emoji.

There are 38 new emoji proposed for Unicode 9. Actually using this system looks very cumbersome; you will need a giant desk if you want a similar array to use. It's impressive just how many emoji there are.