38 new emojis proposed for Unicode 9 next year

The emoji is one of the best and worst things about Unicode. I say best things because they can give you a way to show you are kidding when sarcasm doesn't translate well to text messaging. I say bad because you probably know that one person who uses all the emoji at once. Emoji fans will be glad to hear that more are coming to the next version of Unicode in 2016.

Unicode 9 may gain 38 new emoj and some of them are really cool. The best one is the bacon emoji, crispy, crunchy, bacon! Other new entries include a dancing man, selfie, and a ROFL emoji among others. I can only assume that last one is the sideways smiley you see in the image here. Presumably, it actually rolls on the floor.

Another useful emoji is the face palm lady. Some of the new emoji are expected to be opposite gender version of old favorites. Out of the 38 recommendations, they may not all make it to the final product. They have been nominated by the Emojipedia, but still have to be approved by the Unicode Consortium.

There are some strange ones in the recommendations like a carrot, a potato, and a roll. I also can't think of a reason I'd need a mallard duck emoji.

SOURCE: Dailymail