Emoji 13.0 will bring 62 new emoji this year, including bubble tea

The Unicode Consortium is gearing up to release Emoji 13.0, the latest batch of emoji that'll eventually be found on smartphones, tablets and more. Emoji fans can expect a total of 62 emoji introduced in 2020, among them being some popular icons of objects like 'bubble tea,' a ladder and boomerang, as well as emoji related to people, animals, and even several insects.

New emoji are selected, finalized, and eventually released on a regular basis. The appearance of these icons vary a bit based on what platform you're using — the ones on Apple devices, for example, look different than the ones you find on Android devices and quite a bit different than the style used by Microsoft.

The actual subjects, however, remain the same across the platforms regardless of the different styles. The new lineup adds many new people icons, including faces in a Santa hat, people bottle-feeding an infant, people in tuxedos and wedding dresses, as well as a new ninja emoji.

These are joined by new animal icons including a beaver, bison, mammoth, black cat, dodo bird, polar bear, and seal. Insects join the animals, including an earthworm, fly, and cockroach, plus there are Earth elements including a wood log, rock, and potted plant. Beyond those are objects from everyday life — things like rollerskates, a magic wand, plunger, screwdriver, toothbrush, and mouse trap.

Users can also expect an accordion instrument, gold coin, long drum, soldier's helmet, bucket, window with the rising sun, large mirror, grass hut, green pepper, olive, blueberry, tamale, flatbread, pinata, thong sandal, and more. The full list of new emoji, including links to high-resolution images of each individual addition, can be found on Emojipedia here.