Eminent Subwoofer boasts unheard of 0 - 40Hz range

At the other end of the scale to Logic3's budget dual-sub packing speaker bar, Eminent Technology have the heavily bass-addicted in mind with their TRW-17 subwoofer – they advertise it as being able to deliver "the 4-5 hertz fundamental frequency from a helicopter rotor" and from first glance you'd be forgiven for assuming that's because there's a bloody great turbine fan on the front.  Actually, the TRW-17 requires professional installation in a loft or basement, at which point it's at liberty to use its extreme 0 to 40Hz to shake the stuffing out of your home; there's even enough power, between 1 and 5Hz, to vibrate an open door half an inch.


The whole thing operates by oscillating the pitch of the blades as they rotate at a constant speed; that causes far greater volumes of air to vibrate, unlike even long-throw traditional subwoofers which still struggle to agitate enough air to go below 10-20Hz. 

Eminent Technology are currently in talks with cinemas and theme parks to introduce the TRW-17, but if you're really, really serious about home cinema then you can pick one up for around $12,900 (with installation potentially costing twice that again).

Eminent Technology [via Crave]