Emerge Technologies unveils ETCHGNETB 40W retractable universal charger for netbooks

One of the things I hate most about traveling is all the chargers for my gadgets that I have to pack up. I have chargers for my camera, for my iPhone, for my netbook, and for various other gadgets. Emerge Technologies has unveiled a new universal charger that is called the 40W Charger model ETCHGNETB that eliminates some of the chargers you will need to carry.

The charger ships with seven interchangeable tips that allow it to work with most netbooks that are on the market today. The charger uses retractable cables making them less bulky and easier to pack. When the cables are retracted, the charger takes up less space than an iPhone and it has a carry bag for the tips and cables.

The retractable cables are up to 6-feet long and the charger can power devices from an AC outlet or DC outlet on a plane or in a car. A USB port on the device lets you charge another USB gadget at the same time. The charger is set to ship this month for $69.99.