Feenix Autore mechanical keyboard debuts at CES 2014

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 6, 2014
Feenix Autore mechanical keyboard debuts at CES 2014

The world of mechanical keyboards is a robust one, particularly when it comes to gamer-centric offerings. In that market subset, Feenix has introduced the new Autore mechanical gaming keyboard here at CES 2014. The design, says the maker, gathers its inspiration from Stanley Kubrick, and that it aims to reduce fatigue and speed up typing.

Elaborating on the design, Feenix says the Autore was inspired by Kubrick’s A Space Odyssey, with it aiming to serve as a minimalist tool that is targeted at gamers and typists who are particular about their peripherals. The keycaps are lightweight, the switches are cherry MX Brown, and the typing experience is both clickety-click and tactile in its nature.

There’s an upwards angle to keep one’s wrists from becoming sore with prolonged use, and an aluminum coating for durability. The chassis has a gold metal plate, and connectivity includes a gold-plated modular mini USB to USB port with an optional PS/2 adapter. With the aluminum coating also comes a polyurethane layer for spill protection.

Said Feenix’s Creative Director Ashkon Shayani: “Our goal was to create an intelligent product for a very intelligent market. The Autore offers the fastest possible reaction times and features top quality workmanship that we know gamers will appreciate.” The Autore mechanical keyboard is now available from Feenix Collection for $163 USD.

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