eMachines catches budget computing bug - coughs up T5254 and T3646 desktops

These two new machines from Acer's subsidiary Gateway's subsidiary eMachines are squarely aimed at users that will never use the max capacity of a quad-core processor with 13GB of RAM and 657GB of HDD storage in RAID 0 using SAS or some other junk like that. They are prices at $299.99 and $399.99 just to give you a hint, but neither of them is systems to scoff at.

The first, the one that goes for $300, is the T3646 and has 1GB of RAM, and AMD Sempron LE-1250 processor, a 160GB HDD, and it comes with Vista Home Basic. That might be a bit of a stretch on the hardware side for Vista, but an upgrade to XP or Linux should pull a premium with that configuration.

The second one, the T5254 which retails for $400, comes with a dual-core Athlon processor, 2GB of RAM, a 320GB HDD, and Vista Home Premium. So basically it doubles everything, and is far more likely to actually be capable of running Vista smoothly than the previous system. Since you were wondering, neither comes with a monitor, but it has NVIDIA's 6100 graphics chips integrated to output video.

[via i4u]