Elysium Space's memorial spacecraft will launch on SpaceX rocket

A loved one's ashes are typically sprinkled in a meaningful place, perhaps a field or a river. Elysium Space is aiming to change that, at least for those who spent their lives focused on the stars. The company has announced that its Elysium Star II memorial spacecraft will be launched into space on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, where it will then spend a couple years circling the Earth before reappearing as a shooting star.

The service aims to provide burials in space rather than leaving humans buried or sprinkled somewhere on Earth. The upcoming Elysium Star II memorial spacecraft launch will contain 100 'participants' that are said to include space enthusiasts, veterans, and more. The spacecraft will enter into a Sun-synchronous orbit and will "pass over every location in the world" during its two or so years.

After those couple years are up, the memorial spacecraft will fall back toward Earth, burning up in the atmosphere to eventually appear to those on land as a shooting star. By the time the vessels' remains fall back to Earth, only ashes will remain.

Family members of the deceased will be able to watch the rocket launch, and will also be able to track the memorial spacecraft's location using a related Android or iOS app. Those who are interested in utilizing the spacecraft can make reservations on the company's website; the cost itself starts at $2,490 USD, which though expensive, isn't very much compared to traditional funeral costs.

SOURCE: Elysium Space