Elon Musk says Boring LA tunnel is disturbingly long

JC Torres - Nov 4, 2018, 8:36 pm CST
Elon Musk says Boring LA tunnel is disturbingly long

The illustrious Elon Musk may be under fire for a lot of things he has tweeted about but he does still make some useful and totally not controversial posts from time to time. Then again, his boring, that is, drilling, dreams to bore tunnels underneath LA hasn’t been without its fair share of controversy and opposition. That won’t be enough, however, to postpone or cancel the Boring Company’s grand public opening of its first LA tunnel next month. Unless, of course, some litigation gets in the way.

Musk took to his favorite social media channel to both praise the tunnel and, curiously, scare off people by describing the 2-mile (more than 3 kilometers) underground cylinder as “disturbingly long”. Then again, that’s probably how it would feel like if you walked the entire length of the tunnel on foot like he did.

Of course, the tunnel won’t be for pedestrians and is designed to carry vehicles and people on electric skates or shuttles. He later posted a timelapse video of his walk that probably more accurately conveys what it would feel like when the tunnel opens up for public use.

That will happen with a party on December 10, with free rides being offered to the public the next day. Passengers will have to figure out on their own how to get back if they need to do so. The tunnel is, after all, described as “one-dimensional”, which is probably Musk’s way of saying it’s a one-way ride.

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