Elon Musk accidentally reveals there will be a Model Y

Twitter's (soon to be gone) 140 character limit is both a boon and a bane. In the beginning, it help people condense their thoughts into more precise expressions (without degrading into AOL-speak). Eventually, however, it gave rise to a rapid fire method of expression, with amusing consequences. Like inadvertently saying something you're not supposed to. Just like the illustrious Elon Musk when he "accidentally" revealed that there will be a Model Y, the first time it has ever been hinted at. Good thing for Musk, Twitter has a delete button.

Let's put the slip of the tongue in context. A certain person with a Twitter handle of @AwesomelyOZ indirectly asked Musk if the Model III, a.k.a. the Model 3, will have "these doors". This was an obvious reference to the rather controversial falcon wing doors of the recently unveiled Model X SUV. Good thing for @AwesomelyOZ, it is one of those occasions where your idol actually responds. Musk says that "there will be a Model 3 and a Model Y", and one of those two will have that kind of door. Cue brake screeching sound.

Yes, it's the first time a Model Y has been mentioned in public, aside from a semi-public trademark filing. And now we know a few more things about it. It will be crossover (presumably) and might have falcon wing doors. Considering the Model 3 will be a sedan, then chances are it will be the Model Y that will have the aforementioned doors.

Now comes the punchline, if the car is true. Aside from the Roadster, Tesla's EVs will spell out S, ≡, X, Y. Musk wanted the third car to be the Model E but it had to back out or face a lawsuit from Ford. Instead, he settled for a Model 3, which is apt since it will be the third, but with a stylized "≡". Technically though, it should probably spell S, X, ≡, Y, but that wouldn't be as funny, right?

Musk also "accidentally" tweeted, and later deleted, that there might be a Model X in 12 months that has a smaller 70 kWh battery, which could also mean it will be cheaper. Perhaps that might be enough reason for Model X fans to hold off a bit.

VIA: Engadget