Elite: Dangerous reaches Kickstarter goal with two days left

It was a close one, folks, but it looks like Elite: Dangerous will become a reality after all. The latest entry in the much-love space sim series reached its Kickstarter funding goal of £1,250,000 earlier today, crossing the finish line with just over two days left to go. At the time of this writing, there are 51 hours left before the campaign wraps, with developer Frontier Developments adding a number of new stretch goals in these final hours.

We already knew that Frontier was planning to develop a Mac version if funding crossed the £1.4 million threshold, a stretch goal that seems within reach now that funding on the project in general has been achieved. If a Mac version of the game becomes a reality, it won't ship until three months after the Windows version arrives. Windows and Mac users will all have quite the wait ahead of them in that case, as the Windows version isn't scheduled to arrive until March 2014.

If the Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter can reach £1.5 million in funding by the time everything is said and done, Frontier will add 10 new playable ships to the game. That would bring the total number of playable ships up to 25, so players would have quite a few options to pick from if the campaign can raise that extra cash. At the moment, the Elite Kickstarter has £1,262,441 and that number seems to rising relatively quickly, so these stretch goals may just make it into the game.

Frontier has also added a new reward tier to the Kickstarter campaign to help boost pledges as things begin to wind down. For £25, you'll get a digital copy of the game along with a bonus 500 starting credits, so it doesn't sound like a bad idea for those who want to support the game but don't want to shell out a ton of cash. There's are 5,000 spots available with this new £25 reward tier, so you might want to get in quick if you want one. Did any of you give money to the Elite: Dangerous Kickstarter?