Elite: Dangerous coming to Xbox One and Oculus Rift this summer

One of the best things in gaming, is seeing a successful Kickstarter game hit the market. It's been a long wait, but Elite: Dangerous is finally hitting Xbox One this summer. Elite: Dangerous is part space adventure, part resource management, and part combat simulation (my favorite!). After a down to the wire Kickstarter campaign two years ago, Frontier Developments secured over £1.5 million from crowdsourcing. It's been two and a half years since then, but we're looking forward to enjoying the fruits of their labor.

In the game, you fly your space ship around and explore the galaxy. Make sure you have enough fuel, and watch out for encounters with other spacecraft that you'll have to battle on your journey. The first-person view of spaceflight looks amazing in this .

This game was designed for Oculus Rift too, so you can enjoy a complete VR experience in this trippy space game in all the glory of smooth 4k video. If you've been waiting for a new game to test the limits to see what Oculus can do, this might be it. Not only will you get to look around at a beautiful galaxy in VR, but you get to zoom around 2,400 space systems all from the captain's chair, which could also be your couch.

This game offers more than just sweet graphics and a unique interface, it's a strategy game that might keep you coming back for more. You can harvest, mine, and scoop your resources to ensure maximum productivity. Then you can trade your hard work for new weapons and ships as you outfit your command to take on the galaxy!

Check out the latest trailer for Elite: Dangerous. Remember this is just from YouTube, so the actual graphics using Oculus Rift will be even better!

Source: Xbox