Elite: Dangerous comes to Xbox One on October 6

We'd previously heard Elite: Dangerous was heading to the Xbox One, and now we know when it'll be arriving: on October 6. The information comes from Frontier Developments' CEO David Braben, who was kind enough to answer a series of questions posted in an AMA on Reddit. Among the questions was an inquiry about when we'd see the full release for the Xbox One. Turns out there's only about a month of waiting left.

Thus far Elite: Dangerous — which you can check out in the video below — has been part of the Xbox One Game Preview, but soon console owners will get the full title. If you were part of the Elite: Dangerous preview, it was also suggested in the AMA that you — and others who participated — will get an exclusive perk for having done so.

There's a bit of bad news, though, depending on how you view it — ships and modules won't be carrying over when the game launches in full. When asked whether that was the case, Braben replied, "No (but there will be carry-over of cash value)."

During the AMA, Braben also detailed the title's first expansion, which will be called Elite Dangerous: Horizon, and will also be coming to the Xbox One in due time. When that expansion pack will be released was not detailed in any way, however. Be sure to check out the full AMA thread to see all Braben's responses!

SOURCE: GameSpot