Eli Zero EV charges from any outlet in 6 hours and tops out at 25 mph

EVs are becoming quite the rage from boutique automakers. One of the most recent vehicles of this sort is the Eli Zero and one of the big claims for this car is fast charge speed. Eli says that the Zero can charge from any normal outlet in only six hours.

If you have access to a Level-2 charge station the car can be topped off in 4.5 hours using a standard J1772 plug. The EV has an 85-mile driving range per charge and a very slow 25mph top speed. That top speed will certainly limit the ability to use this vehicle on public roads and eliminate any highway or freeway travel.

Zero uses AC asynchronous motors with a custom designed Toyota MCO to guide the powertrain. A kinetic conversion process helps to extend the range of the Zero. Eli notes that there will be two versions of the car and 85 miles is the max range under optimum conditions.

What that means is your real-world drive distance will be different. The battery pack inside the car is made using 18650 Samsung lithium cells. The vehicle has headlights that interact with the driver when approaching the car or unlocking and during charging or driving.

The car is designed to be lightweight with lots of Aluminum in the body. The car is designed with clear sightlines sporting 270-degree views and a very tight turning radius. The car can make a U-turn in 24-feet of space and is fitted with electromagnetic brakes. Pricing and availability are unannounced, but Eli says the car will launch soon on Indiegogo.