ElevationDock 4 for iPhone, iPad can be used with one hand

JC Torres - Sep 7, 2017, 9:22 pm CDT
ElevationDock 4 for iPhone, iPad can be used with one hand

What is the most diverse accessory for smartphones in the market? If you quickly answered “cases”, you’d be only half right. Though myriad in design, color, and appearance, smartphone cases, by nature, need to fit adhere to form and usability of phones. Docks, on the other hand, have a bit more room, almost literally, to innovate and differentiate, though that usually ends up making the docks more inconvenient at times. Elevation Lab’s new ElevationDock 4, in contrast, took that freedom to create a dock that, while completely functional, is so compact and easy to use that you can undock your iPhone or iPad with just one hand.

That is one of the problems with docks, particularly those that connect to the phone’s charging port. While they offer the convenience of juicing up the device while docked, they usually cling to the port too tightly that it’s impossible to simply pick up the phone or tablet and go. You need to use two hands for that. The ElevationDock 4, however, lets you get the best of both worlds and have a secure and stable connection while easily removing the device from its perch.

Part of that magic is thanks to having an MFi-certified Apple Lightning connector, which follows Apple’s guidelines for ease of use in addition to technical specs. It also means that the ElevationDock 4 is compatible with any iPhone or even any iPad, except for the largest 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Its small size and footprint belies its build quality and sturdiness that allows it to support even larger screens.

The dock also allows you to precisely adjust the angle you’re comfortable with, though the range doesn’t stray too much from the 18-degree angle that Elevation Lab says is perfect for reading and touching.

The ElevationDock 4 comes in two color options, one with a MatteWhite body and blue braided cord and one with a MatteBlack stand and a dark braided cord. Pre-orders for the $59 dock starts now and ships in two weeks.

SOURCE: Elevation Lab

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