Element Case Introduces the Joule for Your iPad

Do you have a jewel in your life? You know, that one prized possession that you couldn't live without? If you don't, or if you're looking to add one to your growing collection, we've got a perfect fit for you. It's the Joule, and it's specifically manufactured to be a luxury stand for your new iPad (you got one, right?). It's designed as the first solid prop-up base for the iPad, and each one is created from a heavyweight, machined solid aluminum. Plus, it's really shiny, and that should go great with your new tablet.

The Joule comes from a long line of luxury stands, most of which you could have seen on iPhone and iPod Touches. The Joule for the iPad comes in two different variations: polished finish or anodized black. You can even engrave your name, a picture, or a logo in it if you so wish, thanks to customized laser engraving. How does it hold your iPad and not scratch it like crazy? There's a velvet lining inside the holding part, so that it gets held securely, yet safely inside. There's also a fitted notch on the front, so that you can still hit your Home button when you need it.

There's a tilt foot that allows you to change the viewing angle of your iPad, so that if you leave it on the counter of your kitchen while you're reading newspapers, or cooking something up from the recipe book, you can do so without having much worry. There's also rubber fittings on the bottom, so that it won't slide every which way. It sounds like Element Case has thought of everything for the Joule, and we'll bring you an updated review of the accessory when we get our review unit in. You can order your own for $129 right now, though, if you're so inclined.

[via Element Case]