Element 5 Mini L iPad bag sports solar panel for more power

If you travel a lot with your iPad, you probably have a bag to carry the thing in so that you can keep it safe and secure while you move about. No one wants to crush or scratch their expensive tablet up if that can be avoided. A company called Element 5 has an interesting new bag for your iPad that not only has style and will keep your device safe; it also has a solar panel built-in to allow you to keep your iPad running longer as well.

The bag has an eMicro-Battery inside that can recharge the iPad and smartphones on the road and the solar panel uses BluCell tech for gathering solar energy. The BluCell battery is constantly recharged using the solar panel each time the panel is in sunlight. When fully charged the battery is good for five more hours of use from your iPad. The battery can recharge a dead iPad to 50% capacity in three hours.

An iPhone can get a full charge in two hours. The solar panel can charge the battery inside the bag while you are charging your gadget as well. The battery inside the bag can charge gadgets that aren't from Apple as well like eReaders and GPS devices. It uses a 10W 2A USB connector output and includes the cable for Apple devices.