Electrify America now supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

For many people, features of new cars they find they might not be able to live without are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Both of those features are similar and allow users to see certain supported applications on the larger infotainment screen in their vehicle. Electrify America is a large nationwide chain of electric vehicle charging stations.

Electrify America announced that its app now supports both CarPlay and Android Auto. With the new functionality, customers using either platform get an improved one-stop solution for their electric vehicle charging and transportation needs. The app integration allows users to see details on more than 650 Electrify America charging stations and 2700 individual chargers nationwide.

Integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto allows drivers to access some of the same benefits they would get from the Electrify America app without getting out their smartphone while driving. In addition, the app was redesigned recently to improve functionality and make it more convenient.

The app's main features include the ability to locate a charger and get complete navigation directions right to the charging station. The charging network is large enough that electric vehicle owners can find the power they need to support their life whether they're going a few blocks to the grocery store or across the country.

The functionality also allows users to start and stop charge sessions on the vehicle infotainment screen. Plan details give information on charging plans as well as pricing, and available free charging that may be included with the vehicle purchase is provided as well. Electrify America recently revealed its "Boost Plan" to more than double its current EV charging infrastructure in the US and Canada. That plan aims to have a total of 1800 ultra-fast charging stations along with 10,000 individual chargers by the end of 2025.