Electricity Usage Monitor Concept

This is an artistic representation of the meter can they put on your service outside your house. It appears to offer up a visual meter as well as displaying current voltage, current cost per hour, as well as the record lows and highs of both.

The visual meter is the leaf pattern on the front, the leaves light up the more power you are using, and the closer you get to the top the closer it gets to red I assume. It shows the bottom leaves (lowest power usage) as green, the middle as yellow, so, like I said, I assume the top is red, and there are other ambient lights on the device to display those colors as well.

I have an electrician as a father, and I worked with him for a few summers, so I like to think I know a little something, and I don't see how this would logically work unless you had your electrician install it on the main lines into your house, which would require your power to be disconnected, a bit of an inconvenience if you ask me. But it does look cool, and as far as environmentally friendly goes this would be a step in the right direction because it would at least make you conscious of your usage habits. But alas, its merely a design, and not for sale yet.

Monitor your energy usage with this concept electric meter [via gadgettastic]