Electric T-Rex is three-wheels of green fun

Campagna Motors has been making something of a combination of car and motorcycle for a long time called the T-Rex. The company has announced that it is now making a 100% electric T-Rex. The electric version of the machine is made in a partnership with Zero Motorcycles for the powertrain components.

Previously T-Rex vehicles were offered with BMW and Harley-Davidson power plants. Campagna says that the motors, batteries, and controllers have been seamlessly integrated into the T-Rex. The result is a high-performance machine that needs no gas.

There is no indication of key features for the electric T-Rex at this time. We have no idea what the driving range is, how long it takes to charge, or what sort of performance the EV will offer. We can get a bit of an idea what we are in for looking at the specs for Zero Motorcycles.

Zero calls out a range of 223 miles per charge for its SR ZF14.4. The T-Rex will obviously be heavier than that but has the potential for a larger battery pack. As with any EV driving style and environment will play a factor in that range.

The prototype T-Rex EV will be on display at the Montreal Electric Vehicle show. Campagna plans to show off a second more advanced prototype in the summer of 2018.

SOURCE: Campagna