Electric Mazda Miata blows away Model S on the track

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 9, 2014
Electric Mazda Miata blows away Model S on the track

Tesla’s Model S holds many bragging rights, but the Mazda Miata just took one away. Using a car converted into an electric vehicle, the Miata was pitted against Tesla’s offering on a quarter-mile track, where it left its competition in the dust.

According to Road Test TV, the Mazda Miata features an electric motor conversion, powered by a 333-volt Lithium-ion battery pack and a couple forklift motors at the rear wheels. The Model S, meanwhile, was an 85kw Performance Package offering.

The quarter-mile drag race had a very clear winner, as the video above demonstrates. The Miata quickly overtakes the Model S, powering ahead and ultimately coming in more than three seconds faster than its Tesla rival.

The final numbers show the Miata hitting 9.27 seconds at 142MPH, while the Tesla got 12.72 seconds at 102MPH. This speed puts the electric Miata in the same speed range as the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, which finished the quarter-mile race with a time of 9.6 seconds — making the Miata just a touch faster.

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VIA: Jalopnik

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