Electric crockpots sold at big box stores recalled over exploding lids

Electric crockpots sold at select big box stores like Walmart have been recalled after dozens of reports concerning exploding lids. While the crockpots can still be used as a slow cooker, according to the recall notice published by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, consumers should avoid using the pressurized cooking modes because the lid may suddenly 'detach.'

The recall involves the Crock-Pot 6-Quart Express Crock Multi-Cooker device from Sunbeam Products. The recalled devices were manufactured between July 1, 2017, and October 1, 2018, according to the CPSC notice. Consumers can find the model number and date codes for the recalled product in the advisory here.

At the time of the recall, there were 119 reports from users who experienced the malfunction, 99 of which resulted in burns ranging all the way up to severe third-degree burn injuries. The issue, according to the advisory, is that the crockpot can be put into pressurized cooking modes even if the lid is not completely locked.

If the cooked pressurizes without the lid fully locked, the pressure can eventually make the lid 'suddenly detach,' spewing steam and hot contents from within the cooker outward. If you happen to be nearby when this happens, the steam and/or hot contents could cause burns.

Sunbeam is advising customers to only use the non-pressurized cooking modes, stating that while the pressure cooker mode can still be used while waiting for a replacement lid to arrive, the user should be very careful to make sure the lid is fully locked using the arrow indicator on the lid and the lock indicator on the base.

Of course, the safest method is to entirely avoid the pressure mode until a safe lid is acquired. These pressure cookers were sold through Amazon, Target, Walmart, and other unspecified retail stores and online retailers. Users can get started with the recall process on the Crock-Pot website.