Electric car chargers across the USA: Target, Walmart, and more

Electrify America announced new electric car charging stations this week that'll be popping up across the United States soon. New partners with Electrify America include Target Corporation, Brixmor Property Group, Kimco Realty Corporation, Sheetz, Casey's General Stores, DDR Corporation, and Global Partners LP's Alltown. More than 100 ultra-fast electric vehicle chargers are aimed at more than 100 major retail, convenience, and refueling locations across 25 states (in the USA).

Electrify America's recently gotten a first $500-million USD investment that's gone toward the expansion detailed in this article. According to Electrify America, this Cycle 1 investment is going toward electric vehicle charging infrastructure, education, and access in the United States. This is only the first of four investment cycles that are planned for Electrify America.

Charging stations installed by Electrify America will have the ability to range in power from 50kW up to 350kW for highway stations. DC Fast Chargers will range from 50kW to 150kW, and each "certified cool-cable charger" can "charge a vehicle up to 20 miles per minute." And that's pretty gosh-darned fast. Multiple times faster than the average charger already out in the wild, that is to say.

"We're purposefully placing our charging stations in locations where people already go, where they are needed, and in places that offer the best customer amenities, such as shopping and food, so that electric vehicle charging is easier and more appealing," said Mark McNabb, President and CEO of Electrify America. "We are delighted to partner with these hosts to offer their customers a new on-site service."

Head over to PlugShare to see where your local chargers are. They've got a little info about each charger and have indicators showing each station's current status. If the station is full, you'll know in advance.

Walmart, too will take advantage of the massive roll-out of chargers coming from Electrify America soon. These chargers will change the way we look at electric cars here in the United States. If we see charging stations everywhere, the future won't seem quite so far off – and electric vehicle purchases will soon seem like the most viable and economically-sound decision when thinking about purchasing a new auto.