ElecomSoft uses NVIDIA Fermi GPUs for huge improvement in password recovery time

NVIDIA's new line of Fermi-based video cards certainly brought more muscle to computing and gaming when it debuted a while back. The new GPUs are very powerful and have allowed new levels of performance in enthusiast and gamer machines.

The Fermi GPUs also offer better performance for other tasks that are able to run on the GPU. ElecomSoft has announced that it is using Fermi-based video cards to massively improve the performance of its password recovery software.

Using a Fermi-based Tesla GPGPU ElecomSoft claims to have realized a 20 times improvement in the speed it recovers passwords at. ElecomSoft products that support the Fermi GPGPU include ElecomSoft Distributed Password Recovery, ElecomSoft Wireless Security Auditor, and ElecomSoft iPhone Password Breaker.