Elcomsoft utilizes GPGPU to quickly hack network encryption

Elcomsoft is a privately owned company out of Moscow that specializes in Windows Productivity applications. Recently they have released their new Wireless Security Auditor suite, which is capable of cracking WPA/WPA2-PSK in record time with the utilization of your graphics processor.

Utilizing a new software technique called General Purpose GPU Computing (GPGPU), the software users a high-end graphics adapter to complete complex calculations. New graphics cards are perfect for going through large amounts of data or calculations per second making it perfect for such a use outside of gaming. As outlined in the chart above using GPGPU for the purpose of cracking WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi passwords the time will be decreased hundreds of times.

Wireless Security Auditor creates advanced dictionary searching attacks with variations to figure out weak passwords that are derived from phrases that are in the spoken language. If you would like to get your hands on this software it's going to cost you $1,199 USD, but for a limited time you can pick it up for just $599 USD until the end of April 2009.