El-Assist Concept Lets You Charge Your Electric Car While You Drive

There are already plenty of options out there for people with electric cars to charge them. And even more concepts. But this one may take the cake. But not just because it aims to let those with electric cars drive, and charge their vehicles while they do so, but because it also aims to integrate private driving with public transportation. It also includes some of the best looking concept art for a design we've ever seen.

For what it's worth, the industrial designer behind the El-Assit, Vladimir Abramov, isn't going completely out of the box with this design. In fact, while some concepts out there use ideas for quick charge stations, or batteries that manage to charge the same amount but faster, the El-Assist would utilize current generation technology. The idea behind the main unit of the El-Assist, is to assist drives on long commutes. As they drive, the system would charge their vehicle while they were driving. You'll have to connect to the larger vehicle to charge your smaller electric car, though, which some people may not be a fan of.

As for the idea of integrating private driving with public transporation, Abramov envisions a world where people would take on passengers in exchange for the service that will charge their car while they drive. Abramov's hope, it would seem, is that the use of private vehicles would drop dramatically, as people would all be taking on a passenger, therefore removing one more car from the road. Check out the full gallery to take in the full idea.

[via EcoFriend]