Ekahau T301W GPS wristband lets big brother keep an eye on you

Most of us probably don't like the idea of employers or other people being able to track our every move by GPS location. We want our privacy, plus we don't want anyone knowing when we are out of the office so they can sneak in and steal our Cheetos stash, or maybe that's just me. A company called Ekahau has announced a new GPS wristband called the T301W that is designed to pin point the location of people in all sorts of settings.

The wristband is intended to be used in settings where tracking people is very important. For instance, the wristbands can be used to track patients in a hospital or to track employees or visitors in secure facilities. The company also says that the system has been deployed in mining situations to allow workers to be found in the event of an emergency.

The wristband houses a push button that sends signals to the RTLS system that can process the button press based on a set of rules predefined by the administrator. A press could be a request for emergency help or a simple check-in procedure. The tag is waterproof and can be cleaned in different solutions and reused. The wristband can also vibrate to warn a user when they venture off an approved path. General availability of the T301W tags is set for Q4 with a cost of about $60 each.