Eizo SX3031W-H LCD

What's so special about this 30" LCD? The resolution, it's sitting at a fat 2560x1600.

In case you hadn't already figured it out, that's a wee bit higher than 1080p. Much like its 30-inch LCD predecessors, it has dual DVI inputs, which means you can either drive a single image at that resolution with two video cards, or you can put to separate images side by side on the same monitor at 1200x1600, that resolution at half screen is higher than my current monitor's res.

This LCD covers the whole NTSC color range and has a contrast ratio of 900:1, that contrast ratio may be the only place where this monitor needs improvement. Well, that and the 12ms response time, there are however a couple of USB ports on this thing. It is sitting at about $2500 and it will drop on December 19th, but it looks like it will only be available in Japan, however Eizo has brought some of their products stateside before, so it could happen again.

Eizo reveals 30-inch, ultra-high res LCD [via electronista]