eiPOTT: take your eggy iPod for breakfast

Chris Davies - Jul 29, 2009
eiPOTT: take your eggy iPod for breakfast

There’s nothing like a nice yolky boiled egg for breakfast and waking up to some of your favorite tunes, and in that spirit comes the eiPOTT.  Named from the German for “egg” and “pot”, which conveniently sound quite a lot like Apple’s infamous PMP when you say them out loud, the eiPOTT has a neat dimple for your egg and, with some creative crust-cutting and trimming, room for a few soldiers in the screen section.

The egg cup is the handiwork of German firm qed* Design, and measures 116 x 70 x 20 mm.  It even comes in an Apple-styled box.

Six different colors are available – black, white, red, orange, purple and petrol – and the whole thing is made out of food-safe plastic.  They’re available now, priced at €7.50 ($10.61) excluding shipping.

[via Generation MP3]

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