E-ink CST-01 world's thinnest watch hands-on

This week we've gotten the opportunity to have a talk with Sriram K Peruvemba, Chief Marketing Officer of Eink, showing today what's now the world's thinnest watch. This is the CST-01, a Kickstarter project at the moment, coming from the folks at CST (aka Central Standard Timing) and Eink itself, a partnership that'll be delivering the watch to users this year. Have a peek at our talk with Peruvemba in video form here at Showstoppers during CES 2013.

What we're seeing here is a watch that takes the best features of a regular watch, that being low power, readability, and an overall pleasing experience and made it as thin as its ever been. This watch is more than just rugged, too, able to be punched directly in the face (so to speak) without having its usability altered at all. The watch itself is actually only 0.80mm thin – miraculous, really.

The watch is charged through a base station that'll be coming with the device when users receive it in the mail (or in stores in the future) and you'll be able to choose from two different time displays, 24 or 12 hour formats. The whole weight of the device is 12 grams – that's less than 5 pennies, imagine that! From what we've heard from Peruvemba right here live and in-action at Showstoppers, this machine is going to be a real fashion hit (as well as a tech hit for nerds of all kinds). See it soon!

The watch is in the process of being funded by a Kickstarter where the first 500 users will be able to own it for $99 (if you fund it, of course). After that you'll be paying for the watch for a total of $129 USD. The watches we're seeing here are right off the assembly line, prototypes right out of the factory, literally. Check the photos above and below and see it all in your hands soon!