EFiX OS X hack dongle release date and price revealed

EFiX, who promise USB dongles that allow Apple's OS X software to be installed on normal PC hardware, have finally been discussing availability and pricing.  The device, which allows you to install OS X from a standard retail DVD, together with install any available patches and tweaks, will now be available in V1 or V2 versions.  The first batch, which somewhat confusingly will be V2 models, will cost around €80 ($125); that price, according to EFiX, is artificially inflated courtesy of the chips being basically a handmade series of 200, and future, mass-produced versions will be far cheaper.

EFiX expect this first series to be available today, Monday 7th July, with the V1 device coming three to four weeks later.  Initially it will only be sold in Taiwan and Bulgaria, as the company negotiates distribution elsewhere (including the US).  The difference between the V1 and V2 models is listed as extra support for different motherboards and "experimental support for some prototype motherboards"; you can see the current compatibility list here.

This first incarnation of the device will only really be suitable for desktop PCs, as it plugs into a motherboard USB header.  EFiX have promised a version suitable for notebooks, but that is still yet to arrive.

[via Engadget]