EFiX OS X hack dongle allows general Leopard install

Running OS X on generic PC hardware is nothing new, and some companies have even risked Apple's ire and launched commercial products using the popular software, but EFiX's upcoming USB dongle is slightly different. It claims to allow you to install OS X Leopard, from a retail DVD, on a computer of your choosing. The magic is that the EFiX dongle handles all the necessary patching and other tweaks, leaving you to enjoy Apple's wares.Netkas, who works on the OSX86 team, has been testing the EFiX product and come away impressed. He put together the video above as proof of functionality.

EFiX plan to release the dongle on June 23rd, though pricing is not yet clear. They claim to have been testing it for the past six months, with development time taking even longer (and being subject to sabotage). How much would you pay for something like this? Let me know in the comments.

[via Hack-a-Day]