Eero Wifi system update boosts speed with TrueMesh, enables Alexa skills

If you happen to own an eero home Wifi system, then you might be interested in hearing about a rather large update that's coming your way. First and foremost, this update will implement a new feature called TrueMesh. TrueMesh includes improvements to eero's mesh routing algorithms, which increases the speed at which your signal is transferred between individual eeros.

The company says this update will enable up to twice the speeds you were experiencing before. This translates into a network that can handle more data-hungry connections at once, and it gives you the ability to add more eeros to your home network. While eero points out that all networks are different (and thus maybe you shouldn't necessarily expect twice the speed), it does say a beta test showed a 40% improvement in speeds for the average network.

This update isn't just bringing TrueMesh along with it, though. Eero is also enabling Alexa skills here, allowing devices like the Echo, Echo Dot, and Amazon Tap to have some level of compatibility with your network. You'll be able to ask Alexa to find devices connected to eero hubs or pause the Wifi network entirely, which will come in handy when you want your family to focus on non-internet things.

Finally, eero has announced plans to update its mobile app in the coming weeks. With this new version of the app, you'll be able see a list of the devices connected to your network, and which eero hub they're connected to. It also shows information on how much data each device is using, along with the signal strength of each eero in your network.

While the app updates will be rolling out shortly, eero doesn't actually share a date for this OTA update that will bring TrueMesh and Alexa functionality. Once it's available, though, it'll be applied automatically, meaning there's nothing you need to do to make sure you receive the it.

SOURCE: eero