Eee PC touchscreen kitchen PC hack [Video]

If you've ever been tempted by a touchscreen kitchen PC, but can't afford the high prices most off-the-shelf units command, then sidekick-x's nifty Eee PC hack may fit the bill.  He took a normal ASUS netbook, cracked it open, fitted a touchscreen layer and then integrated it neatly into a kitchen cupboard.Video demo after the cut

There it does duty as a web-access point, a media player and more, with desktop widgets showing things like time and calendar entries.  On the inside of the cupboard there's a custom box that hinges open to reveal the Eee PC's keyboard, together with cabling neatly tidied up and away for power and sound.

Considering how cheaply you can pick up a second-hand netbook on eBay these days, together with touchscreen kits being under $100, this looks a fantastic mod for the kitchen.  Oh, and can we just say we're loving the bizarre German music in the video, too.

[via jkkmobile]