Eee PC LED message indicator mod

We're used to our mobile devices flashing at us to let us know when there's a missed call to be addressed, new SMS message or battery problem, but it's less common for a notebook or netbook to blink for attention.  JustBlair decided to change that, adding a three-color LED to his Eee PC 901 that flashes whenever a new Twitter, email or IM message comes in.

The light responds to Gmail, Pidgin and Twitter messages, and protrudes from the top of the Eee PC's screen where it can be seen opened or closed.  The LED itself was diffused with Glass Frosting spray, which makes it more visible and does a better job at mixing the different colors together.

Elsewhere, the custom circuit-board is hooked up via USB, and is squeezed in just to one side of the battery.  If you're a slave to messaging (and many of us are) this might be the ideal mod to ensure you never miss a tweet or IM.

[via Liliputing]