Eee PC battery chargers on sale

A good idea doesn't have to cost a fortune, and nor does it have to be huge.  In keeping with the Eee PC's diminutive size, Expansys are offering a range of clip-on battery chargers for the ASUS netbooks that can keep a spare power-pack juiced up without needing it to be fitted to the netbook itself.

Versions are available now for the Eee PC 700/701 and the Eee PC 900, with a new model for the Eee PC 901/1000 "coming soon".  All use your existing AC adapter and take the form of a small, lightweight box that clips onto your Eee PC battery and hides at the bottom of your laptop bag when not needed.

The Eee PC 700/701 charger is priced at $40.99, or $70.99 for the Eee PC 900 version.  The upcoming Eee PC 901/1000 charger will be $53.99.

[via jkkmobile]