EE keeps subscribers powered with Power Bar chargers

We all know the pain of having a smartphone that doesn't quite have the battery life to keep you going all day. EE wants customers to keep going and use their mobile plan and has come up with an idea to help keep your device charged. EE has launched a program that is called Power to the People and will allow any mobile user or broadband customer to get a free Power Bar charger.

To get the free charger customers just have to opt into the program via SMS. To qualify you need to be on a 30-day, 12 month, or 24 month plan for mobile fixed line, or broadband service. PAYG customers can participate as well if they have been a customer for at least three months.

The chargers are 2600 mAh units that hold enough power for one full charge of most smartphones. Once the charger is dead, you can walk into any EE location and hand the dead charger in and they will hand you back a fully charged Power Bar.

Users can also opt to keep the Power Bar and charge it back up themselves. Obviously, EE wants customers plowing through their data allotments and this is a good way to ensure that. It's unclear when the plan will launch, all we know right now is it will kick off "in the coming weeks."

SOURCE: Thenextweb