Edipeel invisible food coating keeps fruit fresh for weeks

Fresh food is great assuming you live near a suitable market, have a way to properly store the food, and you can consume it all before it goes bad. Things like lettuce, green onions, strawberries, and other fruits and vegetables are prone to going bad relatively quickly after being purchased, though, making it unappealing to many consumers, not to mention the waste that results. One company, fortunately, may have a solution.

A startup by the name of Apeel Sciences has developed a micro-thin 'peel' that, when applied to fresh food, helps preserve said food for a long duration. For example, a lemon covered with Edipeel, as the company calls it, stays fresh for several weeks whereas a non-coated lemon would have gone bad and begun decomposing long before that.

The same is true for other fresh foods like heads of lettuce, strawberries, and more. Apeel Sciences recently showcased an example of this via the video above – that lemon, for example, only started to show signs of aging after about fifty days whereas the non-treated lemon was quite shriveled and moldy by that point.

The micro layer works by trapping moisture inside the fruit and keeping air outside of it, reducing how much water the fruit loses while also slowing down oxidation. Even better, this layer is said to be completely flavorless and invisible and, obviously, fully edible. Based on Apeel Sciences' website, it seems different formulas are used for various types of foods — the site shows a 'tomato formula,' for example, as well as formulas for blueberries, mangos, avocados, and bananas.