Edge Tech 32GB DiskGO Mini & DiskGo Backup Flash Drives Make Your Keyring Make Sense

Evan Selleck - Jul 20, 2010
Edge Tech 32GB DiskGO Mini & DiskGo Backup Flash Drives Make Your Keyring Make Sense

When you look at your keyring right now, what do you see? (Of course, you have to have a keyring for this little test to work out, mind you.) Your keys, from your car to your house, and maybe a little trinket to show how lucky you are. Well, what you need is a flash drive. No, reallly — that’s what you need. Just imagine how cool, and important you’ll feel if you’ve got 32GB of data right there, easily accessible, ready whenever you are to get that next file to your computer, or anyone’s computer for that matter. You’re already starting to feel better about this, right?

That’s how we see Edge Tech’s sales pitch working out, especially to prospective customers. Despite the fact that flash drives aren’t as “cool” or “in” as they used to be, that’s not stopping companies from making them. And, obviously, as technology progresses, these things that used to be as long as our finger now, remarkably enough, can be the size of a quarter. At least, that’s how big the new 32GB flash drive from Edge Tech is, and it even comes with a keyring already installed. How great is that?

While the small stature of the flash drive is worthy of attention in of itself, the DiskGo Backup also features Dmailer Backup software, which fully supports 128-bit AES encryption and auto-backup. It’s also got an extra 2GB of cloud-based storage, so you’re 32GB of storage just got a bit of an upgrade in the storage space market. Doesn’t seem to be any word on pricing quite yet, but hopefully they won’t be too nonsensical that we won’t want to actually buy one of them. So, here’s to hoping.

[via CrunchGear]

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