Eddie Bauer rechargeable flashlight

James Allan Brady - Jan 23, 2008

Check out this neat little flashlight whose end is literally the automotive power adapter that plugs in to charge it. There is also an orange cone tip for the light so you can use it to signal traffic like a police officer (although I wouldn’t recommend it).

The light source is a few LEDs, and with the orange cone off, you can see it from up to 130 to 160 feet away. You can also use both a solid beam or there is a flashing option.

Like I said, it recharges by plugging into your car’s automotive power adapter, but after being fully charged, which takes 2 hours, it will last you a full 5 times that, 10 hours. You can get them now either at your local Eddie Bauer store or online for $16.50.

[via gadgetgrid]

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