Ecoxgear unveils power banks and speaker for the outdoors

People who are outside a lot often struggle to keep their devices charged and working. A company called Ecoxgear has unveiled some new devices aimed specifically at the outdoors types who want devices that can survive the outdoors and help their gadgets keep working. The new products are the Sol Jam, EcoCarbon, EcoPebble Powerbank, and the EcoCharge external battery.

The Sol Jam, EcoCarbon, and Pebble Powerbank are all speakers that have Bluetooth wireless and power features inside a shock resistant IPX67 rated water resistant exterior. The Sol Jam has integrated solar panels to charge its internal battery and power external devices.

The EcoCarbon and Pebble Powerbank don't have solar panels of their own, but you can charge them up before you head outside and use them to power your gadgets while on the go. The devices have integrated carry handles and the EcoCarbon is designed with boating in mind and has the ability to float if it falls overboard.

The Pebble Powerbank has an integrated 10,000-mAh battery and dual USB outputs for charging tablets and other devices. A 200-lumen flashlight sheds light at night when you need it. All of these products will launch later this year with the Sol Jam selling for $150, EcoCharge for $20, Pebble Powerbank for $100, and the EcoCarbon for $130.

SOURCE: Gizmag