Ecobee smart home security camera could come with Alexa

Almost like rival Nest, ecobee has focused its portfolio on smart thermostats. In the past two years, however, it has expanded in two big ways. It has integrated Amazon's Alexa into its latest thermostat and, as of last year, started offering a smart switch as well. It seems that the company will soon be breaking ground again with a new smart home product, an indoor security camera that might, of course, have Alexa inside as well.

Smart home cameras, even outdoor ones, are a dime a dozen these days. Most try to appeal to customers in two ways. One is by integrating with other connected appliances from the same brand and the other is by integrating with some big AI assistant. Ecobee is clearly trying to do both.

ZATZ Not Funny's info is slim on the details but it will hardly be a surprise if this Ecobee camera won't somehow work together with existing products like the ecobee4 smart thermostat and the Switch+. The company might very well use the camera as a presence detector for the other two.

The site also theorizes that the camera will have some integration with Amazon Alexa given that it has multi-colored lights similar to the Switch+. While the default seems to be red, it can also turn to Alexa Blue.

What Alexa will be able to offer on this indoor camera that doesn't have a display is also another mystery to be solved. The wait might not be too long if press renders are already available at this point.