Ecoball Portable Speakers Offer Solar Powered Built-In Battery

Battery life is a cruel mistress. Some of our favorite gadgets offer up a battery life that is respectable, and that we don't necessarily have to worry about if we were to, you know, go outside. But others just don't. And that's why charging them while we're on the go is essential for some people. That's where solar power excels, as it gives us the ability to charge some of our gadgets by utilizing the power of the sun. And that's one of the main points of the Ecoball project.

Bringing some speakers with you on your picnic may not be the easiest thing in the world, but it's definitely possible. These Ecoball satellite speakers one-up the competition by offering a built-in battery that can be recharged on the fly, thanks to the solar cells along the strap of the concept design. As you can see in the colorful image above, the power is absorbed through the strap, and then you'll be able to use the speakers as you please.

Simply pull the main ball apart, and you've got yourself two speakers. The description of the device says that it can sync to your favorite device, so there must be some kind of Bluetooth technology proposed for the Ecoball, too. There are also volume controls, so you won't go deaf listening to your favorite tunes. The Ecoball was designed by Pedro Gomes, and this is one device we hope makes it to the market.

[via Ubergizmo]