ecoATM makes recycling gadgets an automated process

Every new gadget that we buy today will eventually be useless to us or broken. That means that we will need to find a way to get rid of the device that hopefully won't hurt the environment. Ideally, how we get rid of the devices would also get us some cold hard cash. EcoATM has announced a new automated system that will give users money to recycle their electronics.

The firs automated eCycling Station for eWaste recycling take-back programs and trade-in programs has been installed. Of all places, the automated station was installed in the Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha at the end of September. I wouldn't have though Omaha was a hot bed of high tech recycling.

The automated device offers financial incentives for consumers to recycle used cell phones of all models. The system will also soon support other consumer electronic devices regardless of their condition. The part I wonder about is how it will tell good gear from broken stuff. Trade-in programs usually give you more money if the device is in working order. More stations are set to be installed next quarter in San Diego, Boston, Dallas, and Seattle.