Eclipse Office Partitioning System is private workstation concept

Remember the Battle-Rig Pro?  Intended as an enclosed workstation for avid gamers, it managed to look decidedly mediocre.  Contrast that with this concept for a discrete, adaptable office cubicle by Marcus Ward Curran; although envisaged as living in the average office environment, the so-called Eclipse Office Partitioning System looks many times cooler – and, if it actually existed, would be far more useful – than Master-Rig's efforts.Check out a video of the cubicle concept after the cut

Sliding mesh segments allow you to close off some or all of your immediate surroundings, while built-in peripherals such as speakers, a webcam and power supply mean the computer is integrated to the system.  As suggested in the video, the hood section could change colour according to mood or task, while the whole thing is on casters for ease of movement.  Perhaps they could fit a small engine and you could drive down to the canteen at lunchtime?

I'd love something like this, it'd be great for scything out distractions when I'm trying to write.

Yanko Design [via Pocket-lint]