ECC mashup touchscreen hacked with Wiimotes: Video demo

When mashup artists The ECC (Evolution Control Committee) needed a faster way to trigger any of hundreds of loops in their live shows, they ditched the mouse and instead hacked together a rear-projection touchscreen.  Rather than some of the DIY multitouch displays we've seen before, the ECC setup uses two Wiimote controllers and a pair of custom LED gloves.Demo video of the system in action after the cut

The setup is based on an earlier project by Johnny Lee, and relies on two Wiimote controllers fixed either side of the projector.  On the gloves there's a thimble with an infrared LED (for the Wiimote to see) and a blue LED (for the user to see); pressing the thumb and forefinger together lights up both and the Wiimote translates that into a mouse-click.

Those clicks activate different samples and loops in music app Ableton Live.  It's far faster to jab at different elements than it is to mouse between them, hence the ECC can create their overlaid music in real-time.

[via Hacked Gadgets]